What’s happening 2022?!

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Baby Cakes has explored maaaaany arenas !! We’ve made cookies , treats, cakes for all occasions, and even stepped intro the wholesale space——— but one thing 2021 taught us, was that you must stay in your lane! 

It’s ok to be good at everything but that one thing you’re amazing at could change the game! Don’t neglect your speciality for the things you’re just average at ! 

With that being said, we will be returning to our first love—- cupcakes ! We will continue serving DALLAS- And surrounding areas with our amazing gourmet cupcakes! We will allow this to be our focus! They can be dressed up or down — depending on your events / occasion! 

Let the booking begin! We thank you for rocking with us through it all— be ready for cupcakes of all kinds , and even a few shelf items you can take home with you! It’s all about forward movement and perfecting that that God has given us in this season! 


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